Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

If you have ever gotten into a ring, thrown a few punches, or joined a class, you would know how taxing boxing really is. Boxing provides a full-body workout like no other, being a very intensive exercise. Almost every muscle group in the body gets activated and engaged as a result of boxing, making it a great way to get in shape. Therefore, to become a better boxer, you have to exercise every major muscle group. Everything from your shoulders to your lower back needs to be in perfect shape for you to perform well within the ring. The foundation of all full-body workouts is the stabilization provided by your core muscles. That is why you must have a strong core so that you can develop your body’s other areas. So, what exercises help you build strong core muscles? Here’s a look at the best boxing core workouts to help you build a strong foundation for your training!

Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

Why Do You Need Core Workouts?

Your core includes everything from your lower and upper abdominal muscles to your obliques, which also include the muscles in your lower back. Most of the techniques and moves associated with boxing come from the core. While you use your upper and lower body to garner enough power, it is the core that allows you to connect your jabs and punches. That is why strengthening your core is so essential when it comes to boxing. All your techniques require you to have good core stabilization to be useful. 

Importance of Core Strength 

  1. Core strength training is different from other types of training exercises. Your typical strength training routine contains exercises for hypertrophy, which is concerned with your larger muscles. 
  2. However, most core strengthening exercises concern themselves with exercises to train the flexibility of core muscles. 
  3. While other exercises usually deal with improving raw strength, core training helps the muscles of your lower and upper abdominals, your obliques, and your lower back muscles. 
  4. It even helps develop your pelvis and your top gluteal muscles, which connect your back and your buttocks. 
Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

  1. These exercises can help even people who do not have any boxing background. Working on these muscles will help make typical motions such as reaching for something on the top shelf, or picking up a bucket of water, more natural than before. 
  2. Even typing on your keyboard makes use of some core muscles, however odd that may seem. Therefore, if your core muscles are weak, it will lead to your muscles getting tired and fatigued. 
  3. In most cases, this leads to aches and pains, whereas stronger core muscles help to prevent that. 
  4. Also, improving core strength can help you deal with the pain that comes with aging. It also assists in alleviating the pain associated with chronic lower back issues. 

Importance of Best Boxing Core Workouts

  • While your hands and shoulders help you deliver the blow, it is your core that generates the energy and forces you require. 
  • The stronger your core muscles, the more force you will be able to transfer from your feet to your hands. 
  • Also, strengthening your core helps you improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Core gives boxers the ability to strengthen their center of gravity, improve their balance, and increase their momentum. 
  • It helps you develop your explosive power as a boxer or fighter. 

Best Boxing Core Workouts

Core Workout for Boxing 1


Sit-ups are an integral part of any boxing exercise regime. They help with building your core, while also strengthening your hips, lower back, buttocks and legs. In fact, professional boxers can do up to even 2,000 sit-ups a day! The exercise basically forces you to stabilize, extend, retract, extend and flex your torso. Also, the repeated nature and motion associated with sit-ups makes it an effective cardiovascular workout.

Furthermore, anyone can do these at home, as it literally requires no equipment at all. You can start out small, with maybe around 50 sit-ups, and then raise your volume per session as you gain endurance. Also, while taking sit-ups to make sure you stabilize your neck and chin, you don’t injure yourself. 

Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

Core Workout for Boxing 2


While the plank looks like a simple exercise, as you aren’t doing much, it is one of the most useful exercises. When done right, the plank engages your core the way few exercises can. Also, like the sit-ups, planks require no equipment to do, and hence, it is very accessible to people. All you have to do is put your legs close to each other, spread out your arms at shoulder width, and maintain your back in a straight line posture. Also, take care to make sure that your midsection and lower back do not drop to your shoulders. Hold that position for as long as you can, and when you start, even something as short as 30 seconds is enough. Eventually, you will get to a position wherein you can hold a plank for three minutes, and that will provide you with a great core workout. 

While the standard plank engages your midsection, the lower back, and the abdominals, the side plank helps you work on your obliques and side muscles. To do them, assume the standard plank position, lift one arm, and twist your body outwards from the arm. Elevate your arm towards the ceiling, and make it parallel to the arm on your ground. Maintain your balance while you do this and do it ten times for each arm. 

Core Workout for Boxing 3

Russian Twists

A Russian Twist is an exercise that requires you to twist your torso back and forth while in a sit-up position. It helps in engaging the sides of your core, which helps improve your core’s rotational strength. This is very helpful as it adds more power and momentum to your twisting motion, which precedes throwing a punch. You must perform these twists at the top of your sit-up motion. Rotate your torso 90 degrees to the right, then back 180 degrees, which moves it 90 degrees to the left. You can also start holding weights to make the exercise more challenging. 

Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

Core Workout for Boxing 4

Bicycle Crunches

These exercises help in engaging your lower abdominal muscles by using cyclic motions. While lying flat on your back, place your hands below your head and start pedaling your legs, as if you are on a bicycle. When your left knee comes forward, move your right elbow to touch it, and do the vice versa. Therefore, as the name suggests, this exercise combines the art of cycling and crunching. Start with 60 seconds and then extend it for a few minutes as you improve your endurance with practice. 

Core Workout for Boxing 5


When done rightly, push-ups are the most straightforward exercises to build a strong midsection and upper body. Make sure your entire body is stiff and straight; and that you don’t dip your midsection or bend your elbows too severely. Always breathe in while going down and push yourself up when you are breathing out.

Best Boxing Core Workouts To Help You Out

Even if you are not a professional boxer, improving your core strength will go a long way in helping you get fitter. Use these fantastic boxing core workout tips to maintain a good core and back, keeping at bay unnecessary aches and pains.

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