How Much Weight Should I Lose to Be Healthy

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According to U.S. Diets and Weight Loss, millions of Americans set weight loss as their New Year’s resolution. Most of those looking to lose weight are women. A study done between 2013 and 2016 shows that 49% of adults in America were trying to lose weight at the time. Majority of those trying to lose weight associate it with better health.

Weight loss is a real struggle which requires discipline and patience. Those who have several pounds to shed off may think weight loss is impossible for them. Good news! A recent study conducted proves weight loss to be possible for anyone.

In St. Luis, Washington University, specifically, School of Medicine, a research was conducted. The researchers discovered that one must enjoy and choose the ultimate health benefits of weight loss that comes from shedding a little weight over time, rather than shedding of a lot of pounds at a go.

The amount you should shed over time depends on your total weight. Dr. Samuel Klein, the lead investigator of the researchers, said “We have found out that you get the ultimate health benefit with 5 percent weight loss. The existing guidelines for obesity treatment recommend between 5 and 10 percent weight loss.

However, it is easier to lose 5 percent of your body weight compared to losing 10 percent. Therefore, it is a sound plan for patients to work with losing the 5 percent.’’

Besides losing 5% being natural, achievable, and realistic, it lowers the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and types 2 Diabetes. Also, it improves the metabolic functioning of vital organs such as the liver. Thus, it aids weight loss.

During the study, 40 obese adults were randomly assigned to either maintain their current weight or to lose some percentage of their body weight (5%, 10% or 15%). Ironically, the most significant improvements were noted on the subjects who lost the least percentage.  Those who lost a large percentage of their body weight showed success and more weight loss. Nonetheless, the impact was not significant.

What is the relevance of this study to anyone asking themselves ‘‘how much weight should I lose’’? Let us make it practical. For instance, let’s assume you weigh 200 pounds and are looking to lose weight. You need to lose 5% of the 200 pounds, which is 10 pounds.

The second example is that of someone who is 175 pounds and looking to lose weight to enjoy better health benefits, they need to lose 5% of the 175 pounds that is 8.75 pounds.

The study focused on adults who had a BMI of more than 30.  Consequently, it may be unclear whether people who are only overweight, not obese, can experience similar results to those of obese people.

Still asking yourself ‘’how much weight should I lose?’’ This study teaches that you don’t have to shed off extreme pounds for you to gain health benefits. Looking to lose a lot within a short period is not only unrealistic, but it can also lead to anxiety, stress, and yo-yo dieting. In the long run, it will not be a sustainable plan.

Therefore, aim at losing 5 percent of your body weight and work to maintain. For instance, if you weigh 250 pounds, consider shedding off 12.5 pounds. Ensure you keep off the shed pounds. You don’t necessarily have to lose 25 pounds to get health benefits.

Always remember that one healthy choice attracts healthier options. After shedding off some pounds, you will feel better, and significantly improve your health. The improvement in health will help you live a healthy life.

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We would like to know your thoughts on the study and results obtained from it. Do you think losing 5 percent of your body’s total weight is enough for you?

Email us your thoughts we are curious to know!

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