Freshman 15 Weight Gain – Problems and Easy Solutions

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It’s the start of a new semester. What was once an emotional roller coaster of good byes and farewells to old faces you thought you’d never see again is officially yesterday’s news. You’re  on your own now, taking new responsibilities and entering the next stage of your so called “adulting.” Welcome to college.

What’s referred to by many as the best years of your life can also mean the most stressful as well. Final exams, turn paper deadlines, textbook fees, professors with thick accents… I mean you get the idea, the student life doesn’t mean an easy A and now the pressure is on. With so much to deal with (and partying to be done) there is one thing no lecture or professor will ever prepare you for: The Freshman 15. What is the result of over-eating, malnutrition, alcohol consumption, and stress, the freshman 15 is no common myth or urban legend for the first year student. But fear not my fellow classmates and take some notes, Modern Fit has the cheat sheet for this exam!



One of the most common causes of the freshman 15 is simply due to over-eating, and if you’re on the college meal plan this might be hurting you.

The Answer:

Drink one glass of water before each meal and add a simple salad with a light dressing substitute or serving of vegetables. In doing so, you will feel much fuller and satisfied. The point of eating should not be to eat until we are full, but to enjoy food and eat what we need.



Getting invited to parties and being exposed to alcohol is all the rage and students may feel peer pressured into underage drinking.

The Answer:

Keep drinking to an absolute minimum by following the rule of 3: for every three drinks, 1 glass of water before and after. It’s true, alcohol contains empty calories and there’s no way of it benefitting a healthy, young individual. But since you’re in college( and come on, college parties are wild)  the best solution would be keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Remember, you’re trying to enjoy the moment, not forget it.



The transition from a laid back high school work load to a full on college load can be very stressful and may cause students to skip meals and binge on late night fast food options.

The Answer:

There’s no way around being 100% stress free in college, especially in your first year, with that said it’s important to find ways to destress and switch perspectives. Instead of turning to late night eating as a “stress relief”, do some full body stretching while incorporating deep breathing. Getting oxygen to the proper places in your body is crucial to ensure optimal levels of function. Another great idea would be to switch out the processed foods you crave late at night for fresh fruit or steamed veggies. I know it may sounds boring, but making a simple salad out of fresh produce will save you a ton of calories and actually provide much needed nutrients to fuel your study sessions.

Now you’ve got all the answers on how to beat the freshman 15! College goes by quick, don’t miss out on making the most of your glory years by falling victim to this nationwide crisis. Work hard and be great, the future holds bright for you my fellow class men!

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