Weight Loss After 60

It’s a well-known fact that as we get older our bodies begin to change and it can be challenging to shed weight, especially after 60. As we age oftentimes we’re told to watch what we eat, to work out more, and to be more health-conscious. Hectic work schedule, slower metabolisms, and simply just life, in general, can get in the way of any type of weight loss program. However, there are some actions you can take to get on a weight loss plan after 60.

Prioritize Protein

Proteins are by far the most essential macronutrients in your diet. It helps build lean muscle and essential for the body’s function. Unlike carbohydrates, more protein is both beneficial and better for your diet program. Protein is especially fantastic in the morning. Forget about cereal or cereal bars for higher protein options like eggs or perhaps a high protein low carb protein bar. Salmon lox and peanut butter are a couple of other terrific sources of protein in the morning. Space out your protein intake to ensure you feel full and energized during the day. By doing this, aim for 25 – 35 grams of protein with each of your meals. This will definitely make you feel fuller each meal, limiting your cravings for carbs and fats.

weight loss after 60

Soda, Alcohol, and other Empty Drinks

Some people in their 60s that think they maintain a healthy diet and get a decent amount of workout still struggle to lose weight because of soda, juices, and alcohol. The majority of these drinks provide no nutritional value and are also essential empty calories. A mixed drink or glass of wine can often contain 200 – 310 calories. Juices like orange and apple juice aren’t any different. Aim to limit your intake of these kinds of drinks to special occasions, and limit having them daily.

Water and Hydration

Regarding drinks, water is by far the most essential and frequently looked over drinks for people in their 60s. Drinking water before and throughout meals will help you feel full which means you eat less. One trick is to drink 2 – 3 glasses of water before any meal to help yourself feel full. Aside from fullness, drinking a good amount of water will also help cleanse your digestive system and keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

weight loss after 60

Sleeping To Weight

As we get older more responsibilities whether it is at home, work, or at school can often lead to more stress and less sleep. Sleep is an important function of helping your overall wellness while also helping with your metabolic function. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night can help your metabolism function and your body recovery properly. Also, try not to eat large meals before bed because you don’t want to put your system into overdrive digesting your food when it’s really time to wind down.

Exercise – Cardio and Weights

With how busy life can be in your 60s, getting exercise in can be tough. It’s important that you try to get at least 25-35 minutes of some sort of physical exercise in at least 3 – 4 days a week. A mix of weight lifting and cardio can make the biggest difference to your weight loss and to your aging. Now, these physical exercise sessions don’t have to be too difficult. It’s more important that you try some type of exercise every day, as opposed to doing 1 workout 1 day a week and destroying your motivation and body.  Perhaps take a 10 min short walk after lunch or dinner. Place lightweights around the house and lift them every time you walk past. You can even get it out of the way early by having an easy routine of push-ups, squats, and or sit-ups in the morning. To sum up, getting some kind of exercise in through the entire week is essential to weight loss in your 60s.

weight loss after 60

High-Intensity Workouts and Interval Training

If you want to get a good sweat in but don’t have enough time, try out high-intensity interval training. Essentially short bursts of exercise without too much rest in between. This can get your blood flowing, heart rate pumping and your body to blast fat. Here’s one particular great HIIT routine:

  • 1 min sprint
  • 20 arm circles
  • 20 burpees
  • 20 high knees
  • Repeat 3 times


Finding friends especially ones that are also 60 is a fun way to get motivated for weight loss. With life, sometimes kids, work, and many other things that can get in the way, spending time with friends is valuable – doing it through some sort of physical activity is invaluable. Rather than getting drinks or coffee consider going on a walk around the neighborhood or a hike. Instead of watching a movie go for a swim or a short bike ride. You’ll realize that exercising with friends is both motivating and beneficial to you both – it often makes the workout easier and more rewarding.

weight loss after 60


A more recent trend in weight loss for people in their 60s is intermittent fasting. Consider restricting your intake of food and drinks (except for water-H20) to only 8 – 12 hours a day. This will allow your body to metabolize food and use stored fat for energy as opposed to the meal you just consumed. It’s also perfect for your insulin levels and hormones which are things that start to change when you get into your 60s. Restricting your eating schedule will also help you curb your appetite over time and avoid high calorie, low nutrient snacks like chips.

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