How to Lose Weight Fast – Simple Ways You Could Add to Your Routine

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Have you tried all possible ways to lose an extra pound but weren’t successful? Nowadays, the struggle of most people is losing weight. There are traps of “quick fixes” and it’s easy to fall into them. Fad diets can get you into binge-eating and fluctuations. Aim for safe and long-term weight loss without starving yourself or spending money on supplements and pills. Go for these harmless, proven tips that you could add to your routine. Skip the unhealthy way and follow this guide in losing weight quickly.

Eat real food

A most common slip-up by people who are trying to lose weight is being tricked by marketers and their “low carb” products. A successful weight loss is based on a real food diet and not from commercialized products. Real foods, obviously, are those foods eaten normally by humans million years ago until now such as meat, fish, vegetables, eggs. These “low carbs” cookies, ice cream, bread, and chocolates will just give you sugar alcohols and full of carbohydrates. Stop buying and eating “low carb” junk food and opt to eat good value, minimally processed foods.

Lean food sources for your protein needs

Higher fat meat provides more calories for equal amounts of protein than lean meat. Chicken breast, white fish, low-fat dairy, beans, peas, and lentils are a good source of protein. How do I lose weight with the help of protein? It makes someone feel pleased with the highest period of time. Ask yourself why you’re hungry after a serving of bread but still full after eating an egg. That is the function of the protein. Also, protein aids in building muscles, which burns calories in our body. Always include protein from lean sources in your meals to lose weight fast.

 Cut back on artificial sweeteners

A lot of people are switching to artificial sweeteners thinking that they can decrease their calorie intake and can lose their weight. Recent studies show that these artificial sweeteners can intensify cravings and keep an appetite for sugary foods. Also, cutting back on sodas will also do well to your body. Although there is no clear connection between being obese and artificial sweeteners, they are believed to encourage cravings. By avoiding sweeteners, you’ll begin to like the sweetness of natural foods. If you’re having difficulty losing weight, let go of artificial sweeteners, sodas and “diet” sodas.

 Drink more water

Perhaps you heard this statement a lot, drinking more water assists in losing weight quickly. Keep yourself hydrated because water increases your metabolism, detoxifies your body of toxins, and functions to suppress appetite. Drink water prior to eating so you won’t be eating a lot and will make you feel fuller. Also, instead of drinking sodas, opt for a healthier option such as lemon water. Adding a slice of lemon to your water helps lessen food cravings. If you are hitting the gym, then you have a good reason to drink more water because it can avoid muscle cramps and maintain the lubrication in your joints.

 Exercise wisely

There are misconceptions about exercising. A lot of people do exercises extensively but eat bad foods and drink sweet sports drinks. Exercise won’t lower down the number on the scale in a week. Increase in activity will speed up your weight loss. Your body’s glycogen stores carbohydrates which burn through exercise. In the long run, if you want remarkable effects on your body, strength training and interval training are good options. Do something that makes you glad and comfortable such as long walks, cycle, dance, or play sports. Exercise can do wonders to your body; it will make you look and feel good.

Stress less and rest more

You might throw a question to yourself saying “How do I lose weight by reducing my stress?” Well, according to a 2016 study, people who sleep less have a slower metabolism than those who sleep enough. The stress hormone cortisol may increase chronic stress. This leads to hunger and ends to weight gain. Managing your stress will keep you in a good shape and a healthy body. Make sure that when you eat, you’re really hungry and not just because of stress. On the other hand, proper rest or adequate sleep can combat sugar cravings so get sufficient sleep if possible every night.


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