Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

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Rigorous physical exercise, dieting, and following certain fads are among the top choices when it comes to weight management. However, the strenuous nature and sacrifices that you may need to endure during such approaches make it hard to lose and maintain your desired weight. Moreover, minor slips could lead to a detrimental consequence that can easily kick you in the gut, frustrating future efforts to stay in shape.

No worries, there are different more-natural yet highly effective approaches that you can add to your routine to help you manage your weight. Here is a look at some of the simple ways to lose weight.

Avoid distractions and chew thoroughly

Eating a lot of food at one sitting does not automatically mean you are full neither does eating too little. The easiest way to control your consumption rate is to avoid distraction. For instance, if you eat while playing a video game or watching TV, the chances are that you will eat more without noticing. The same applies in the long-run since you are not sure how much you ate, you will eat again much later, translating to increased food intake, consequently adding more weight.

The other way to ensure you do not eat a lot is chewing your food thoroughly. While eating, your brain receptors communicate to alert you when you are full. Eating at a fast rate gives little to no time for such processing, meaning that you are likely to consume more food than needed to fill your belly. Make it your routine to eat with no distractions and chew thoroughly, ensuring that you are cautious of the amount you consume at a go.

Add proteins and fiber to your meals

How easy would it be to lose weight if you did not feel hungry now and then? Well, if you increase protein and fiber intake during your meals, you are about to enjoy the same. Both components go beyond weight management. For instance, protein is necessary for growth as well as efficient metabolism and does great at reducing hunger feeling. Fiber, apart from preventing constipation and enhancing food transit time and nutrients absorption, also comes in handy by slowing down digestion as well as increasing fullness.

Include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and eggs to mention a few to increase your protein and fiber intake on a daily basis. It is one of the simple ways to lose weight as it does not need you to alter your diet; you just have to add little more ingredients that increase protein and fiber content.

Replace sugary drinks with water

Sugary drinks are a known cause of varying health problems not to mention the calorie levels therein. If you want to avoid extra calories, staying away from the sugary drinks such as soda and, instead, take other options such as black, herbal, or green tea comes in handy. Do not tell yourself that fruit juice is a better alternative to soda; its sugar content is still higher. So, instead of the juice, take it as whole fruit and enjoy the sweetness as well as the fiber content.

Drinking water makes the list of simple ways to lose weight, keeping in mind that it is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks. Did you know that, at times, you are not hungry when you feel like eating? You may be just bored or stressed. Drinking enough water eliminates that hunger feeling, allowing you to take much lesser food hence low calories intake.

Stay stress-free and get enough sleep

While sleeping, you give your body time to heal from the day’s activities. What you may not know, however, is that if you do not get enough sleep, you disrupt some hormones including those that are involved in metabolism. Stress is the other unhealthy concern that challenges your weight management plan. It is common for people to “eat their stress” but what they are not contemplating at such a point is that they are taking a lot of additional food. Stress is associated with the production of glucocorticoid, and too much of it promotes your appetite leading to increased food intake.

Go for smaller plates

Serving food on smaller plates means lesser quantities. When eating, it is common to strive to finish your dish, meaning that if you use bigger plates, you are likely to take substantial food portions. You can also include other ingenious ways such as serving high-calorie diets on red plates, triggering the danger sense as you savor on the plate’s contents.

Ease your weight management by following these simple ways to lose weight without breaking a sweat or your bank. They are simple and more practical as they don’t alter your daily life.


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