How I Lost Weight – Weight Loss Stories to Inspire You

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There’s a myriad of “How I lost weight” inspirational stories out there that would certainly inspire you to achieve the body that you’re longing to have. One of the tips they share is calorie counting, which has a proven track record of helping people lose weight. However, according to Isabel Smith, R.D., though it’s one of the easy ways, it can also be exhausting. She added that there are other ways to lose weight without having to go through this tedious process. Here are some stories of women who shed lots of pounds gorgeously without having to count their calorie intake.


Alexis Tizano, a mom from Louisiana, tried calorie counting after trying other diet tricks when she had her kids. But, during those times of using this method, she often forgot to note down the number of calories she’s taking each day, which resulted in a failure. She decided to change her lifestyle for real in 2015 when she realized that losing weight is not temporary and the timelines for losing weight that she set were not realistic. She’s now watching the food portions that she eats by just putting half of the vegetables, a quarter of rice, and a quarter of meat in her plate every meal. In addition to that, she also took a permanent break from in-between meal snacks, sodas, and sweets. But, there’s still a cheat day for her every week, and her cheat day is on Sundays with one cheat meal only instead of a whole day of having cheat meals since a whole cheat day didn’t work for her that much because she tends to eat a lot of calories which slowed her diet progress. She weighed 242 pounds when she started dieting and gradually went down to 158 pounds by December 2015. In January of the following year, she started weight lifting and from there, she saw a big change in her body shape. She gained muscles and still continue to achieve the perfect body shape that she wanted.


Justine McCabe is also a perfect example of the How-I-lost-weight-without-going-through-the-calorie-counting stuff. Due to her sisters and best friend’s persistent pushing, she enrolled in the gym and started doing some workout exercises. She started with the elliptical trainer during her first day at the gym and then sending her best friend a picture of her afterwards. That unconscious habit continued on for some time – elliptical training and daily shots of herself after exercising until she realized the changes in her body.

She then started tracking her weight loss progress through her photos and that kept her motivated. She did some calorie counting for so many years but she realized that it’s not working out for her so she switched to a better diet plan.

Recently, her weight loss trick is by switching from processed foods to lots of vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. For her sweet tooth cravings, instead of the usual high-calorie sweets, she began making her own frozen, chocolate-covered banana bites. She was able to shed 80 pounds after six months and went down to 189 pounds after a year. Though binge eating is still a struggle for her since then, she still focused on a healthy balanced diet. Her diet success was made possible because of her constant striving for true happiness, acceptance, and adventure.


Maggie Fierro also proved that she can be gorgeously sexy and healthy without monitoring her calorie intake even with three kids.

Late nights were Maggie’s “me” time after giving birth, and it includes high-carb meals like pasta, pizza, and bread after 10 p.m. But, she started switching to a healthy lifestyle in November 2015. She wanted to lose weight and be healthy without the tiring process of calorie counting each time she eats. So, her day starts with a large serving of protein smoothie and loads of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. But, since she’s a food junkie, she still eats processed and packaged foods a lot. She also follows Kayla Itsine, an Australian trainer and IG star, who has a program called Bikini Body Guide (BBG).

Maggie does three 30-minute high-intensity interval workouts per week and jump rope or do some sprinting for 20-25 minutes at least three times a week. She also exerts around 30-60 minutes of speed walking on the treadmill for at least three sessions. She also had some struggles in maintaining her routine so she created an Instagram account to keep her motivated and accountable. She successfully went down from 166 pounds to 136 pounds after a year and a half of hard work out.


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