How To Start Working Out Again

In case you’ve been away from the gym due to COVID-19, now is an excellent time to start again. Even if you don’t get to go to the gym, now is an excellent time to start working out again. With most people being confined to their houses, people have time to invest in themselves. While you might not be able to use the equipment, you can work out well enough at home. It is great that you are thinking of getting back to a regular fitness routine. While the thought can be daunting, it is one that will reward you infinitely. So, how do you start working out again? Here’s a look at everything you need to know regarding starting your workout routine again and getting back on the exercise regime. 

How To Start Working Out Again

Top Tips to Start Working Out Again

Do NOT overdo it!

One of the biggest rookie mistakes that people make while trying to start working out again is overdoing it. When you have taken a break for a while, it is not advisable to do too much, too soon. It won’t work for you, mentally or physically. You need to ease yourself back into the routine, without putting too much pressure on yourself. A rigorous routine might put you off as you might not be able to handle it. This will make you lose hope and feel dejected, which inhibits your motivation to keep working harder. You might not be as fit as you used to be, and that’s okay. What matters is that you are trying to get that fit again, and in the long run, your efforts will show results. Introduce your body to activity by using low-intensity workouts, and you can pick up after a week or two.

Begin With Your Favorites

Always start out with your favorite exercises so that you feel more motivated to continue. Do you feel like doing your routine only thrice a week? If so, do only that much, when you start out. You can extend your methods and add more exercises as your body and mind gets more comfortable with the routine. Don’t start off with 6-day routines and tire yourself out unnecessarily. Mark out your favorite bunch of exercises and work on those, and only those. In case you want to ease yourself back into training, with tennis lessons which you enjoy, then do that. 

How To Start Working Out Again

Add Three Key Components

When you start working out again, make sure your routine contains exercises that boost flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and resistance training. When combined, these components help you achieve your goals and give you longevity. Set your own pace and goals, but try to include exercises that help with these three components for a fitter, healthier body.

Rest Days COUNT!

One of the main reasons you shouldn’t jump into a six-day week is because it leaves very little time for rest! Taking a day off between vigorous exercise helps your body recoup and revitalize itself. One significant component of an active life is recovery, and your body needs time to do it. Rest days are usually when your body recovers and does all the repair and maintenance it requires. By robbing your body of this rest, and forcing it to work harder, you’ll end up doing more damage! Therefore, rest days are mandatory if you wish for long-term wellness and sustainability. 

How To Start Working Out Again

Warm-ups and Cool-downs

Starting your workouts with a proper warm-up and ending them with cool-downs help your body get used to the process of working out. A proper warm-up helps in preparing your body for the workout, while a cool-down allows your heart to return to a stable state. You should never cut corners when it comes to warming up and cooling down. If you choose to ignore these components, you could experience delayed onset muscle soreness, otherwise known as DOMS. In fact, people who are restarting their workouts are more susceptible to develop DOMS, as their muscles need to get used to that kind of activity again. A proper warm-up should have dynamic stretches, and you can finish your sessions with some simple stretches as well. 

Focus on Form

When it comes to workouts, quality is always better than quantity. Rather than pushing your body to its limits, focus on your form, and do high-quality sessions. Slow down, be conscious of your movements, and focus on your breathing, control, and form. This will help you be deliberate, calculating, and concentrated. Developing proper technique is necessary if you want to sustain your work out regime for long. Therefore, invest time in developing the right form so that you avoid the risk of injuries, which can curtail your ability to work out. Listen to your body and figure out the difference between an ache and an injury. Do not try to push your limits, and instead, ease yourself into a new workout routine. 

How To Start Working Out Again

Sleep is Key

While working out is vital to staying fit, another equally essential component is sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep every day so that your muscles don’t experience fatigue and pressure. Tuck in a little early on days you feel exhausted and hit snooze if your body aches too much. It is okay to sleep in on some days as a way of giving your body some much-needed rest. 

How To Start Working Out Again

Follow these tips to start working out again. Try to start your new session or regime with a workout buddy to help keep yourself motivated. It is excellent that you have chosen to walk into a healthier life because that is the most crucial step in the journey. Also, it is perfectly normal for you to feel overwhelmed on some days. We all do that sometimes, the trick is to get back up again and keep working! Set goals and work towards them regularly, by keeping these tips in mind to find yourself healthier, happier, and fitter!

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