Obese Weight Loss Tips that are Easy and Effective

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Obesity is associated with the risk of contracting many diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. If your doctor tells you that you are obese or you weigh and find your BMI is pretty high, it is about time you took weight loss programs.

Here are several tips to help you get rid of obesity easily:

Drinking Water

Many nutritionists and trainers will tell you that drinking water helps in weight loss. This trick works better if you drink water some few minutes before meals. You will eat less food after drinking water which will help you reduce the number of calories you would have ingested. Eventually, you will lose about 43% of your weight.

Water boosts metabolism by 25-30% a factor that supports weight loss.

Drink Green Tea

This is one of the most common and popular obese weight loss tricks.

Green tea is full of antioxidants that, when mixed with caffeine, form a potent compound that burns body fat. Evidence has shown that regularly taking green tea can quickly help you burn some calories.

Taking Supplements

Some supplements such as glucomannan have proved to be effective as weight loss plans.

Glucomannan is a fibre that absorbs a lot of water and stays longer in the stomach, making a person fill full. It reduces the urge to eat, and thus you tend to take in few calories. Fewer calories equal weight loss.

Probiotic supplements can also help reduce obesity. The supplements contain a Lactobacillus bacterium that is known to reduce body fat.

Reduce the Intake of Added Sugar

Many foods and beverages contain added sugars. That is why people who take junk foods and other packaged foods tend to add a lot of weight.

Added sugar is one of the factors that cause obesity. It also puts people at risk of contracting heart diseases and diabetes.

Cutting back on added sugar is one of the proven ways that are effective for obese weight loss.

Take time to read ingredients of packaged foods to know which foods to take and which ones to avoid.

Take Quality Proteins for Breakfast

Studies show that taking whole proteins such as whole eggs as breakfast meals help in weight loss. Proteins take longer to digest compared to grains and cereals. Because of this, you will take in fewer calories during the day which in turn helps you reduce fat build up and lose weight.

This trick is proof of one of the simplest but most effective ways of obese weight loss.


This an obvious trick. However, it is a difficult way of losing weight for some people.

Take cycles of eating and fasting through a specific period. This will help you reduce calorie intake and eventually weight loss.

It is, however, important to consult an expert such as a nutritionist or a weight loss trainer before taking on fasting.

Eat Fewer Appetizers

Appetizers will give the urge to eat and eat and eat. Before long, you are too heavy to leave your bed.

If you want to lose weight, void taking appetizers, this includes processed carbohydrates such as sugars and grains that luck fibre, for example, pasta and white bread.

Refined carbohydrates increase appetite by spiking blood sugar faster than usual.

Refined carbohydrates are highly associated with obesity.

Portion Control

Portion control is simply controlling the amount of food you eat. It also involves counting the number of calories you take.

Portion control is a simple but effective way of reducing obese weight.


Another easy way to beat obesity is doing aerobic exercise such as cardio. It helps you to burn a lot of calories and also improves your mental and your physical health.

Do some weight lifting. Supplement dieting with weight lifting to reduce the risk of losing muscle mass.  Weight lifting increases metabolism which is important for maintaining muscle mass.

Go on A Vegan Diet

Vegetarians and vegans are at a lower risk of being obese than non-vegetarians. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fibre which is an important mineral of controlling weight. They also contain low amounts of calories.

Stop Food Addiction

Food addiction is a major cause of obesity especially an addiction to junk foods. Many people who are addicted to eating end up gaining a lot of weight in a short period. If you are of those people, it is about time you try to beat the addiction.

If it proves difficult to do it yourself, you can seek support from a professional to help you control your eating habits.

Extra Support

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