Is Weight Loss with Mirena Possible?

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For those who are not familiar, Mirena is a brand name that is actually referring to a system of birth control that many women use. With Mirena, a device is actually being inserted in the woman’s body that releases small amounts of progestogen levonorgestrel into the uterus. Mirena as a system of birth control provides birth control in a 5-year period span and among its side-effects is either losing or gaining weight.

The levonorgestrel is the active ingredient that can be found in Mirena. It is the substance that is responsible for the contraceptive and other healing effects of the birth control system. Using Mirena will change a layer of the uterus called endometrium that will affect a woman’s ovulation. The contraceptive will also be the cause of the thickening of the cervical mucus which prevents sperm from passing into the uterus.

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Weight Loss with Mirena

Among the possible side effects of Mirena is losing or gaining weight. It is said that there are more testimonials of women gaining weight compared to losing it when using the birth control system. However, a study conducted by a Brazilian university that was published in the journal “Contraception” in August of 2000 used Marina as a test subject for over a five-year testing period.  The study found out that there were no significant increases or decrease in the subjects’ weight compared to other subjects that use the different forms of a birth control system.

In another related study conducted by the Oregon National Primate Research Center located at the Oregon Health and Science University, a group of monkeys was given different forms of birth control. The result showed that the monkeys with normal weight did not have a significant change in weight after they were given the birth control system. The obese monkeys, according to the result, did lose weight.

Mirena and the Estrogen Hormone

According to medical research, a woman usually loses or gain weight when using a birth control system because of the substance called estrogen. However, Mirena does not contain the hormone estrogen though some women lose or gain weight while in the Mirena birth control system. Weight loss with Mirena is still considered a myth that has not been proven by any related medical facts and studies.

The manufacturer of Mirena has listed as part of the possible effect of the birth control system is losing or gaining weight. However, there are many instances that the possible changes in the weight of the user were not caused by the contraceptive. There are no proven and conclusive medical studies yet that are pointing Marina as the primary reason for the weight changes among its users.    

IUD like Mirena Tide to Modest Weight Loss – a Report

In an article published by the HealthDay in 2012, women who have used an IUD or intrauterine device such as Mirena have lost a conservative amount of weight while using the birth control system. Researchers were using different medical records of about 223 women who have used a different type of IUDs. After two years, the researchers followed them up to gather data and results.    

Based on the report, the women used two types of IUD, the non-hormonal and the hormonal IUD like Mirena. The results showed that both groups of women have shown in losing about 1 percent of their weight while using the birth control system. The result, however, was unreliable as the data did not use enough women to make the results conclusive and realistic.

Other Mirena IUD Side Effects

The manufacturer of Mirena has recently faced lawsuits filed by customers who have experienced injuries because of the device that was inserted in their uterus was migrating and puncturing the wall. Other cases of complaints that they received include the device traveling to the abdominal cavity, causing damage to other organs such as the liver and colon.

There were other side effects that other women reported such as daily bleeding that causes these women to be lethargic, depressed, and losing their appetites. Other notable side effects that were recorded include severe cramping, fatigue, irritability, lack of sleep, loss of interest or painful sex. These side effects were testimonies from former users who have experienced different side effects from using Mirena as their contraceptive.


Mirena has been marketed as a birth control system that offers 99% effectivity. However, there is still no evidence of the contraceptive as the cause of losing weight among its users. When using Mirena as your contraceptive, it is much better to first consult your doctor for your safety and just follow an exercise or diet regimen when you want to lose weight.

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