Whoosh Effect: Much More a Reality Than a Fad

The term ‘whoosh’ is often referred to as the sound when something rushes out. The sound of rushing out of fat and water out from the cells is supposed to be called as the whoosh effect. People assume that when they burn fat, their cells tend to lose the fat content and get filled with water, which is later sent out. But that’s not the reality when we burn fats our body uses the energy that is stored up in the excess fat and shrinks the cells. This is the reason you lose fat and become slimmer.

Whoosh Effect: Much More a Reality Than a Fad

What is a Keto Diet?

Celebrities and social media keep promoting various kinds of dietary plans. Keto diet has gained popularity in recent times. Low intake of carb and high-fat content leads the body to attain a state called ‘ketosis’. This diet has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels and insulin. Weight loss can be attained through a keto diet, without a person feeling hungry. Keto diet is highly recommended for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

What is Behind the Whoosh Effect? 

The sudden weight loss noticed while following a particular diet like the keto diet is pointed out as a whoosh effect. When the amount of calories burnt is more than the amount consumed, the fat present in the cells is used up which leads to the contracting of the cells. The fat also gets converted into carbon dioxide and is expelled out through breathing. As the body gets dehydrated, there is a depletion in the water content. This would make us feel the loss in weight.

When do you Feel the Whoosh Effect?

Whoosh effect is often experienced by people who follow the keto diet with a much lower carb content. Keto dieters report that weight loss can be conspicuously seen and felt in their bodies. When all the fats and water are drained from your body, you would feel your body becoming thinner. Surprisingly, it is noted that having diarrhea during a keto diet, is a positive indication, as it dehydrates the body. 

How Does the Whoosh Effect Work?

Whoosh effect can sometimes occur naturally without any effort from your part when you stick to a particular diet and regular workouts. Your cells generally contain fat deposits in them. When you are on a keto diet and burn your calories, fats get released along with the water content. Therefore, your cells shrink and you would experience a slimmer body. Once you have lost your body weight, you have to maintain it. You cannot depend upon the whoosh effect to make you slim whenever put on weight, as it does not work magic. The best way to know whether the whoosh effect is at work is by keeping track of your body fat percentage.

Whoosh Effect: Much More a Reality Than a Fad

Is the Whoosh Effect Real?

There is a lot of debate going around regarding the whoosh effect. Everyone has this question and it sounds weird to lose weight overnight. The answer to this question would be yes, and also no. What people feel about losing weight is true. But this weight loss is not due to the cells getting filled up with water, then being flushed out. 

A man is given 1,500 calories to eat per day, for about 6 months along with a rigid workout concomitantly. During the early stages, he was found to have lost about 2 pounds per week. But as the days progressed this experiment showed up that weight loss was not predictable. The man had maintained the same body weight for weeks, and then suddenly he had lost several pounds of weight. This phenomenon has been recorded as the whoosh effect.

Facts and Features of the Whoosh Effect:

We sometimes think about whether fat cells disappear completely. Science answers ‘no’ to this thought. It is only the fat that burns which had filled the space, and as a result, the cells shrink. Fat cells also die, but new fat cells get continuously replaced. Whoosh effect is not experienced only in a keto diet. Other low carb diets also let you experience the whoosh effect. The amount of weight you lose in whoosh effect depends on your weight at the commencement, exercise, and the diet you uptake. Different people experience different kinds of symptoms. It is advised to drink more water or fluids to maintain lower water retention in your body.

Whoosh Effect: Much More a Reality Than a Fad

Myths About the Whoosh Effect:

Some people consider the whoosh effect as a story created by a community to encourage people to get started on a keto diet. But research has proved, keto diet to be a promising one for everyone, including children. People also tell that whoosh effect can be triggered through:

  • Regular fasting and having a cheat meal (which contains high calories).
  • Having alcohol before going to bed since alcohol contains a diuretic effect.
  • Dehydrating the body.

Though the whoosh effect provides you with a slimmer body, this does not have a lasting effect. These practices cannot be recommended for a healthy lifestyle. 

If you focus on shortcuts to lose weight, you cannot have a healthy life. Any weight loss challenges you take is going to be difficult. Do not give up on any diet and training that uptakes. There are times when you work and work and work, finally, end up discarding your diets. When you are able to overcome these hard moments your results are going to be amazing.

Each person would have a different opinion on the whoosh effect. Losing weight will not be consistent and you will find ups and downs in your weight each day. This inconsistency in weight loss is also referred to as the whoosh effect. 

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