You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Sometime in your life you have probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat!” You most likely heard someone say it to you as you were eating doughnut (or something of that sort). It usually makes us stop for a second before going ahead and eating whatever is in our hand. But perhaps we should stop and think a bit longer about this phrase. You may think, “Well of course bad food is going to make my body look bad”. This is true, but to a much greater extent than you might know.

You Were Different One Second Ago

Every single day an average adult replaces 200-300 billion cells. That’s roughly 2 million per second! Our bodies are constantly changing, replacing, trying to stay in tip-top shape. So what we eat quite literally is put into billions of new cells each day. Besides this, our cells are constantly repairing themselves, 24/7. Keep in mind ALL your cells are affected by what you eat. From your muscles, bones, and organs to your skin and hair, they all need proper nutrition. Every type of cell has its own “expiration” date. Different cells need replacing every day, which is why it is so important to eat well every day.

Benefits of Healthy Foods

Hopefully the next time you’re grocery shopping you stop to think how millions of cells would feel about the snack you’re about to buy. Besides limiting processed foods, try swapping foods for healthier alternatives. Lean meats like chicken, turkey, and even fish are much better for you then pork and beef. Also, any wheat carbohydrate source will have you feeling not only energized but much more full. Many people like to think of fat as something that shouldn’t be touched when trying to lose weight, but in reality a healthy amount of fats is good for you. Good examples of healthy fats are: low-fat dairy products (stress on low-fat), nuts and seeds, and olive oil. A benefit of eating healthy fats is that it promotes good skin. Combine these with foods like fruits high in antioxidants and fish that are high in Omega-3s and your skin will be looking younger and rejuvenated. Before you try any dieting with this in mind, know it’s healthy (and possible) to eat enough to lose weight. Check out our other article as well on delicious food to eat without gaining weight.


 Our bodies are a 24/7 construction site. Think of the food you eat as building blocks. What you eat is immediately being broken down and used by your body. So know you can start feeling better quickly! Start by choosing healthier alternatives for the food you currently eat and pretty soon eating healthy will be much easier.

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