What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

In case you have been reading up on dieting, diet programs, and nutrition, you must have come across the term NSV. Most of America is now obsessed with eating clean, staying active, and being healthy. All of this has led to the creation of various types of diet programs and nutrition advice. One acronym that we hear quite often when nutritionists talk about their diet is NSV. So what does NSV mean, what does it stand for and why is it important. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about NSV.

What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

What does NSV Mean?

NSV stands for “non-scale victory,” and it essentially formulates a way for people following a diet to measure their weight loss progress. While most people think that the only way to measure progress is to continually take weight measurements, there might be other ways to do the same. Rather than being constrained to one yardstick that is weight, NSV aims to look for different ways to gauge people’s progress. While scales are a great way to see how far you have come, they can become quite restrictive. Also, since studies have shown that weight can fluctuate a lot within just one day, they might not always be full-proof. While they act as a good gauge, in the long run, there are several other factors you can use to see how far you have come in your weight-loss journey.

Why Do We Need NSV Measures?

Most people rely on a weighing scale to judge the effectiveness of their diet. However, scales might not always work in your favor. Also, they don’t necessarily gauge your body’s composition. In fact, if you are trying to gain lean mass or muscle, a scale might tip higher. However, this does not mean you have gained fat or that the diet failed, it just means you have gained muscle. But the problem here is that scale cannot differentiate between fat, carbs, and muscle. Everything looks the same to the weighing scale as it only shows the weight, and does not break down your body composition. Therefore, there is no way for you to know whether the weight gain is due to muscle gain, water retention, or fat.

What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

Secondly, our body can fluctuate between different weights throughout the day due to its power of water retention. This can become quite frustrating if you are someone who always keeps checking their weight. Furthermore, once you have already shed a few pounds initially, it becomes more difficult for you to see weight loss on a weighing scale. While this can become quite demotivating, it doesn’t mean that the diet isn’t working. Fortunately for us, there are several other, overlooked ways we can use to measure our weight-loss progress. So, what are these NSV measures that we can use to see how we are doing in our weight-loss journey? 

Best NSV Measures that Help

Progress Pics

The most popular NSV that many people use without knowing is taking before-and-after pictures. Click a few pictures before you start your keto program. After completing a week or so of your diet, click a few more photos from the same angle. Keep doing this, for all four weeks of your program and then compare at the end of the month. You will most probably be able to see several visible changes, which prove without a doubt that you’re heading on the right path. Gym selfies are also another great way to stay motivated as you will start seeing changes soon enough. Make sure that you take these pictures from the same angle and at the same time of the day to get the best results. Seeing the changes your body has undergone through a photo will see more convincing and real than just looking at the mirror. 

What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

Trying on Clothes

Maybe some of you started on a new keto diet because you wanted to buy some new pair of clothing. Perhaps, your wedding is in a week, and you started the diet so that you would fit into your gown with ease. After a month or week of dieting, take a leap of faith and try on new clothes. In case you have lost a lot of weight, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that your clothes fit. Even if they don’t fit entirely yet, you will definitely see that they fit better than they used to, and that is good enough for now. Try on your favorite pair of skinny jeans once a week and feel good about how well it is starting to fit you, the more you stay on a diet. 

Measure with a Tape

The best way to know whether you are losing body mass is to take a tape and measure your waist size once a week. After a few weeks, you will start seeing visible inches dropping from either side, and that is a happy realization! Measuring your waist, arms, and hips will help you keep track of your journey through lost or gained inches. Furthermore, this also enables you to understand how practical various exercises are in reducing body fat in multiple areas. 

What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

Homemade Body-Fat Tests

Use skin calipers, mPort, and a 3D body mapping app to figure out your body fat percentage so that you know what your problem areas are. Most women tend to have a body fat percentage of 10-15 %, so aim towards lowering or raising your percentage to within this range through your diet. If you want a more professional body fat test, go for ones like DexaFit’s Fit3D body scan. Such tests map your body in three dimensions and measure your body mass in various areas. They also provide fitness progress reports. 

Other NSVs include:

  1. Tracking yourself on fitness apps like Fitbit
  2. Measuring your heart health
  3. Taking 30-Day fitness challenges
  4. Clearer skin
  5. Checking for ease in joint pain
  6. Assessing your energy levels
What Does NSV Mean and How Does it Help You?

While it might be easy to get caught up in numbers, try to look for NSVs such as the ones mentioned above to gain more insight into your weight-loss journey. These NSVs will help you stay motivated and inspired by giving you visual updates that prove how far you have come. Use these NSVs to approach your diet and exercise plan with a positive attitude that will help you stay fit and healthy!

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