The Rise of Boutique Fitness

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Move out of the way big-box gyms, a newcomer has arrived. This newcomer isn’t a revolutionary new gym; rather, it’s a fitness experience. Boutique fitness fever has swept the nation in the past couple years. A trip to the mall or an upscale plaza used to be filled with tons of walking and bags. Now, you might be seeing people with their yoga mats going to their $40 yoga session. Not too far away you might see a group of people enthralled by their $45 spin class. Before you leave you see some of these people leaving a sauna detox headed for their favorite smoothie bar.

By now many have seen these boutique fitness studios all over the place. A boutique fitness studio is a small gym that caters towards a specific fitness area while creating a sense of community.

They differ from normal gyms in that they don’t have all the equipment to workout in any fashion. This is why the normal $30 dollar a month gym like LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness gets called a big box gym. They are quite literally a big room (box) filled with every type of equipment so you can workout in any way your heart desires.

So why would you spend $30 (or more) for just a session at a studio?

The answer lies in experience and community.

Because each studio is like a niche, it can focus on providing the highest quality experience. If you walk into a studio and it’s nice- I mean really nice- you’re going to feel like you are getting your money’s worth. Not to mention the amenities are going to beat your average gym any day.

Besides the overall look and feel of the gym, the workouts at these studios provide a totally different experience. Sitting in a class with like-minded people who are all pumped and ready to work out will get you into the workout as well. Pair the class with an exceptional instructor, and you might be looking forward to your workouts for once.

Boutiques know they have to leave an impression so many studios have insane lighting and sound systems. Some studios have $75,000 DJ set-ups to deliver the best experience they can.

What’s even more convincing than the experience is the community these studios provide. Rather than paying for a $60 1-on-1 training session, people are going to these classes where they feel sort of at home and more comfortable. Feeling like you are a part of a community is what makes people want to come back the most.

It’s become more of a social activity than a chore. Studies show a rising number of people are trying new workouts with their friends. Many of these people end up enjoying the classes they attend and make it routine. In a way, going to these classes with friends has become the new “happy hour”.

Because people love boutique fitness so much, it’s providing results- both physically and mentally. With the group energy and direction of an instructor, individuals are more into the workouts and are working out harder than ever. The rewarding feeling of working out harder and doing it with people can’t be beat. Many individuals are much happier paying more for this feeling.

With the fitness craze booming, the prevalence of people becoming fitness junkies is at an all-time high. This has led to the “Fitness Food-Court” where all aspects of fitness can be found near each other. It makes sense that related studios won’t be found near each other. Why go to the new spin class that’s $5 dollars cheaper when you can keep going to your “home” with your favorite instructors, employees, and most importantly, fellow fitness junkies.

This is why wellness studios focused on recovery are popular as well and clustered around these boutique fitness studios. There is more room for creativity and a bigger chance of your product appealing to consumers. When people aren’t in the mood for one item, they have options to choose from. This also feeds into the social aspect of fitness boutiques as after the session groups of friends can hang out at one of these places. 

In-person fitness boutiques aren’t the only popular fitness craze going on right now. Online training has become extremely popular because of the ease and price. These online training programs allow you to workout at home but because you don’t get the experience like you do in a studio, the price is can sometimes be much lower.

If you’re feeling in a rut and want something exciting, even if you aren’t sold on fitness, give boutique fitness a try. There are a ton of different classes you can choose from so there is always a class for you. If you want the convenience of working out at home, try an online program like Modern Fit. They provide tailored fitness programs along with nutrition plans to help you lose weight quick.

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