How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Permanently

Losing weight and cutting the extra fat is not an easy thing to do. One has to stay patient and determined to be successful in any weight-loss program. The good thing is that there are many different weight-loss solutions that are effective in reducing your excess weight. Many of these programs are designed to reduce your weight and also maintain the quality of your health and life in general.

Once you are successful in your weight-loss journey, the next thing challenge is keeping the weight off completely. This is easier said than done with all the temptations that surround us with regards to our food intake. Nutrition experts share the different tips below to lose weight and keep it off completely. Please read more below.

Include whole foods to your daily meal

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

When you try to add natural, whole, or an anti-inflammatory food to your meal, it will definitely be a good start to losing your weight and keeping it off completely. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, poultry, and even low-fat dairy will have a major impact in cutting those extra fats in your body. These foods can easily be digested and can help in improving the energy of the body.

Eating whole foods will also help in improving the metabolism in our body unlike eating processed foods that is full of fat and are filled with toxins that builds inflammation in the body.

Have your exercise early in the morning

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

Doing your exercise routine early in the morning is much better than doing it in the afternoon or later in the evening. There are had been a lot of research that getting your exercise in the morning is more effective compared to the afternoon or evening in relation to losing weight. Another study has also indicated that when a person is doing his exercise in the morning, it will affect his desire to eat more foods for the rest of the day. People who are doing their workout early in the morning will be more energized and active the rest of the day.

Always drink water every day

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

Drinking water consistently and staying hydrated every day will help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily will help in improving our metabolism by 24 – 30 percent. It will also help in preventing you from eating more for the rest of the day. It is also much better to drink plain water compared to consuming sodas, artificial juices, and alcohol. Drinking plain water will be more helpful in keeping your body hydrated and is more affordable.

Consume more protein in your diet

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

The more you incorporate protein into your diet, the more it will help improve your weight-loss journey. This is because having more protein in your meal will help in burning more calories during digestion and absorption. This will also help in keeping the weight off without affecting your food consumption and your diet plan.

As much as possible, remove sugar from your diet

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

Losing weight means eliminating as much sugar in your food intake. This will help in your weight-loss journey and keeping the weight off throughout the year. Eating more sugar will also mean more bacteria will have a chance to compromise our body’s immune system. Too much sugar in the body will also cause aging of the cell tissues and can be a contributing factor for heart diseases, obesity, cancer, and heart diseases.

Eat less during the night

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

It is much better to eat more during the day and eat less during the night, particularly your last meal. This is because most people are active during the day and should match with the food we eat. During night time, the energy level usually goes down, and our food intake should match that.

Include lifting weights in your exercise

how to lose weight and keep it off permanently

Incorporating weight lifting to your daily exercise routine will help in boosting your body’s metabolism and building muscle tissues. Cardio exercise alone does not help in weight loss, and it only slow down the metabolism by saving more calories. Weight training such as squats, bench press, lunges, and deadlifts are just some of the weight training movements that you can use for your weight-loss program.


Losing the excess weight and cutting those extra fats in your belly will never be an easy process. It is also more difficult to keep the weight off permanently. However, following the tips above will give you a big boost in your weight-loss journey and eventually help in keeping the weight off forever so make sure to incorporate them in your daily routine.

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