Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

The keto diet is famous for introducing different types of hacks and cool tricks that help people stay on track without getting too boring. One of the most popular of such hacks was the keto egg fast, which helped millions of people around the US. This meal plan helped people struggling with their weight loss plateaus lose those last few pounds and complete their weight loss goal. So what are the egg fast rules you need to follow while on the keto egg diet? Here’s your ultimate guide on egg fast rules that will help you eat healthy and right.

Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

What is the Egg Fast Keto Diet?

The egg fast keto diet is a popular dieting trend that helps accelerate fat loss and weight loss. As the name suggests, the diet focuses on eggs, cheese, butter, and a few other ingredients. Therefore, most of the meal plans on this diet center around eggs. While such a diet might surprise doctors and other experts, many low-carb dieters have been able to lose weight successfully through this diet. 

Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

What are the Egg Fast Rules?

  • Eat a full egg 30 minutes after waking up.
  • Eat at least six eggs every day.
  • Consume at least 15 grams of butter, olive oil, MCT oil, or coconut oil for every egg you eat
  • Eat 28 grams of cheese for every egg eaten.
  • Eat a small egg-based meal every three to five hours.
  • You will also have to stop eating around three hours before going to bed.
  • Opt for pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed cheese and butter for best results.
  • Drink plenty of water, and at least 8 cups a day.
  • You can also have zero-carb drinks like tea, coffee, and also diet drinks, which do not contain carb-heavy sweeteners.
  • All other foods and beverages must be avoided.
  • Follow this diet for a maximum of five days, as a way to overcome your weight loss plateau and shed those last few pounds.

What To Eat On an Egg Fast Keto Diet

Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

Egg Fast Keto Diet Food List

  1. Local, pasture-raised, organic eggs 
  2. Full-fat cheese, like cheddar, parmesan, feta, mozzarella, and blue cheese, which have less than 1 gram of net carbs per ounce. 
  3. Grass-fed butter 
  4. Virgin olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil
  5. Unsweetened drinks

How Does the Keto Egg Fast Work? 

Whole eggs contain large amounts of both choline and amino acids, which help in burning fat. Choline is crucial when it comes to metabolizing fat in the liver. It is also essential for normal liver-functioning and helps prevent fatty liver disease. Also, since it is more restrictive than the keto diet, it helps induce ketosis faster. Furthermore, it prevents us from eating more food, which makes the body burn more stored fat to get enough energy.

Another important thing is that whole eggs are very satiating, and therefore, people generally feel very full after having them. Thus, in turn, leads to a reduction in the need to eat junk food. It also reduces cravings and helps people eat more healthy food. Basically, the keto egg diet uses the same principles as the keto diet to help us lose weight. The only difference being that since this diet is more restrictive, it is more effective for short-term weight loss. 

Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

Benefits of the Keto Egg Fast

  1. Increased fat loss
  2. Improved brain functioning
  3. Reduced inflammation
  4. Longer sustained energy levels
  5. Diminished appetite and decrease in cravings
  6. Reduction in liver fat
  7. Higher ketone levels

However, dieters need to keep in mind that this is a short-term diet plan and not something sustainable. Therefore, you should not stay on this diet for more than 5 days. Since the diet is restrictive, trying to sustain on it for long periods can lead to severe health repercussions, such as hyperthyroidism, hypercholesterolemia, and extreme fatigue. 

Who Does the Egg Fast Help?

  • People who have hit a weight loss plateau after being on the keto diet for a while.
  • Individuals who want to kickstart their keto lifestyle.
  • Those who want to increase their ketone levels significantly.
  • Those who want a simple diet plan.
  • Individuals looking for a quick weight loss plan.
  • People looking to lose liver fat.

Keto Egg Fast Best Recipes and Meal Plans

Feta Egg Wrap

  1. Use lettuce as the base for your wrap.
  2. Inside the wrap, add feta, a selection of your favorite cheeses, and scrambled eggs.
  3. After filling the wrap, drizzle with melted butter and olive oil.
  4. Add seasoning to taste, such as salt, pepper, and chili flakes. 
  5. The wrap will have a great texture as the lettuce will be crunchy, whereas the dressing makes the inside of the wrap moist and soft.
Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

Keto Scrambled Eggs

  • To make keto scrambled eggs, use olive oil instead of other oils.
  • Also, you will have to avoid using heavy cream, as it contains too many carbs in it.
  • To make it taste good, you can be a little more lenient with your butter.
  • Add kale, tomatoes, chard, and spinach to make things a little healthier, and if you aren’t strictly following the egg keto diet.
  • In case you are on the egg fast, add cheese instead of veggies, like spinach and onions.

Simple Egg Salad

  1. Use hard-boiled eggs, mashed egg yolk, and olive oil to create a simple egg salad.
  2. To season, use salt, pepper, oregano, and chili flakes.
  3. The egg yolk and oil together form something that resembles keto mayo. If you want it to be creamier, beat it using a whisk and add the oil one drop at a time. 
  4. You can also include blue cheese and Montgomery Jack in your salad to add a little more flavor.

Egg Fast Diet Meal Plan

  1. 30 minutes after waking up, have a Keto Coffee with an egg yolk in it
  2. Three hours later, have one Feta Egg Wrap made using 2.5 eggs.
  3. Repeat the wrap for lunch.
  4. For your evening snack, have a breakfast roll-up with eggs.
  5. Dinner can be a simple egg salad.
  • After Waking Up: Hard-boiled Egg (3 eggs)
  • Breakfast: Feta Egg Wrap (2.5 eggs)
  • Snack: Breakfast Roll-up (2 eggs)
  • Lunch: Egg Salad (3 eggs)
  • Snack: Cheese Chips and Egg Mayo
  • Dinner: Egg and Cheese Omelette 
Guide On Egg Fast Rules To Eat Healthily

After around five days of following this egg fast diet, you must transition back into your keto diet. After you lose weight using this egg fast plan, calibrate your weight goals and carb intake needs. On the 6th day, add nutrient-dense keto foods such as protein smoothies and other types of meat and seafood into your diet. Always track your blood test results and ketone levels to make sure you are on the right track. Since eggs carry a lot of nutrients, they are super-important keto food. However, make sure you don’t stay on this diet for too long as it can negatively impact your health. What is your favorite egg fast meal? Let us know in the comments below!

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