The Engine 2 Diet: Fuels Healthy Eating

Losing only weight is not a big deal rather the well-being of the person is also important, and should also be taken into consideration during any weight-loss plan. The engine 2 diet goes well for people who prefer packed foods as well as for the ones who love cooking. The diet provides easy-to-follow recipes along with certain tips to keep you encouraged to follow the plan. A healthy diet and a good workout would do a world of good for anyone.

The Engine 2 Diet: Fuels Healthy Eating

What is the Engine 2 Diet?

The engine 2 diet is a low-fat diet and is free from vegetable oils. The diet chiefly emphasis on unprocessed foods that are plant-based and removes animal products. It was formulated by a fire-fighter, former athlete, and a medical scion who is Rip Esselstyn, to save people from chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The engine 2 diet allows the consumption of whole foods like legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Change Your Lifestyle

The engine 2 diet is totally based on consuming foods that are primarily plant-based and it is hard to be followed. The diet is about a new way of living for people who consume meat products. Healthy habits cannot be learned in a single day, in the same way, this diet is not a matter of a single day or a couple of days. Leading a healthy life will not be easy, and you will have to give up certain foods to attain your goal. Only if you eat nutritious foods you will be able to live healthily, so try your first engine 2 diet meal plan for a few days and see how it is able to turn your lifestyle.

What to eat:

The engine 2 diet promotes all unprocessed plant foods.

  • Legumes –

Legumes like beans, peas, and lentils which are free from oil are allowed to be consumed.

  • Whole grains –

The diet lets you enjoy carbohydrate foods like rice. Other whole-grain foods which include oats, quinoa, and amaranth are also allowed.

  • Vegetables –

Leafy greens are prescribed to be consumed more as they have got low calories. Raw and cooked vegetables can be added to your dish. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and pumpkins are also incorporated into this diet.

  • Fruits –

Fresh fruits can be consumed but the diet forbids dried fruits. This is because dried fruits might contain added fat and sugar.

  • Nuts and seeds – 

Raw and unsalted nuts and seeds, which are oil-free can be used for seasoning your course.

  • Milk products –

The diet encourages you to intake plant milk which includes almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, and oat milk. These can be sipped without the addition of sweeteners like sugar.

What not to eat:

The engine 2 diet restricts all animal products and vegetable oils.

  • Animal products – 

The main components avoided in the engine 2 diet are animal products. Both the meat as well as its by-products (dairy) are banned.

  • Vegetable oils –

Vegetable oil contains high calories in them, so the consumption of all kinds of oils is prohibited. Olive oil and coconut oils contain healthy fats that are essential for the body, however, the diet restricts them.

  • Refined foods – 

Cereals, white bread, and other refined foods contain high calories but are low in fiber. Still, the diet only encourages whole foods like wheat and no refined foods.

  • Sugar and salt – 

The addition of salt and sugar to the meals is not recommended. You must ensure that the packed foods you buy are free from sugar and sodium content.

  • Liquids –

The engine 2 diet is strict against high-calorie liquids. You are allowed to consume only plain water and black coffee. Some drinks like fruit juices, vegetable juices, soda, and other high-calorie beverages should be omitted.

The engine 2 diet offers a 7-day challenge and a catalog of recipes that you would love to follow. If you are allergic to certain foods like soy, you can take them off your meals. Make sure you intake vitamin D and vitamin B12 contained in almond milk because the diet skips animal products.

The Engine 2 Diet: Fuels Healthy Eating

Pros of This Diet:

Capturing nutrients – 

The diet allows the consumption of only unprocessed foods and whole foods. So, a lot of micronutrients are consumed by dieters. 

Calories –

Other diets would ask you to record your calories to make sure if you are losing weight. But this diet promises has got low-calorie foods which would ultimately help you lose your weight that you need not keep counting your calories every day.

High in fiber content –

Plant-based foods naturally contain a high amount of fibers in them which make digestion easy and also keeps you full.

Heart health – 

The engine 2 diet was originally formulated for lowering the cholesterol levels. Therefore, it takes good care of your heart health.

Cons of This Diet:

Limits foods – 

The diet is antagonistic to many foods including animal products, sugar, etc. It is not so easy to cut off all these foods from your diet and would feel like giving up.

Cravings –

The engine 2 diet does not encourage snacking, therefore it may increase the craving for food.

Expensive –

The cost of food products sold by the engine 2 diet is considerably high and can get these food products only in the wholesale markets. You have to spend your time to check out for the quality and cost of the products.

There is no danger in this diet as long as people get their required proteins and nutrients through it. The engine 2 diet is not the only diet that restricts animal products. There are also some diets which are lenient while others are strict than the engine 2 diets. It is not easy to completely change from a meat-based American lifestyle to a fully plant-based one. But if you are sure about losing your weight and remain healthy, you can very well stick on to this diet with a fair amount of dedication.

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